Our Process


At Braintree we’re proud to use bamboo and hemp, two of the most environmentally friendly materials on our planet.

Here we’ll go through with you our process of bamboo and hemp production, from growth and harvesting, right until the time they’re ready for shipping to your front door.

1.Growth and harvest

Hemp and bamboo grow in a variety of conditions and climates, and once they reach a certain height are picked and harvested. Hemp is picked around 8-12 weeks, bamboo 10-14 weeks.

2. Sun drying

The stalks are then put under the sun for 15-20 days (depending on climate), which removes the pectin that binds them together. This frees the fibers.

3. Degumming

After being washed and dried out, these stalks are then boiled to free them from all the gummy substances, leaving the fibers behind.

4. Fiber brushing

These fibers are then brushed to select for different quality in hemp. Level 1 for 100% hemp clothing, level 2 for blending with other materials to make clothing, and level 3 for a hemp mat or similar.

5. Fibers to yarn

The fibers are then spun into yarn at a processing plant.

6 Yarn woven to fabric

This yarn is sent to another processing plant, to be woven into the very fabric that makes your clothes.

7 Fabric natural dyeing

Natural dyes are then placed into the fabric.

8 Making the garment

This dyed yarn is then sent to the factory to produce the clothing that you wear. These factories are all clean and have good working conditions.

9 Garment wash

Each garment is then washed.

10 Garment ironing and packing

After rigorous testing for fabric quality, garments are then ironed and packaged, ready to be sent off for you to wear.