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Hemp Foods Australia

Boost your health with our nutrient­ rich range of hemp food, all of which is 100% Australian Certified Organic, and suitable for just about everyone.

Are you vegan? Hemp contains no animal products whatsoever. Allergic to soy? Hemp is perfectly safe for you to consume.

Are you weight­conscious? Hemp is low in carbs which prevent you from packing on those kilos.

Hemp is also high in nutrients like folate, calcium, and iron. It contains all essential amino acids, and is high in antioxidants and the “good” fatty oils.

And such good nutrition need not come at the expense of our planet. All hemp food is grown using the utmost standards of eco­friendliness, allowing you to experience top level nutrition without the guilt.

Could you improve your nutrition with hemp food? Check out our range now and see what’s on offer for you.