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Hemp Protein

Do you need a diet rich in protein? Well, our 100% Australian Certified Organic hemp protein offers you a nutritious eco-friendly alternative to the protein you usually take.

Whether you’re an athlete, a body-builder, or you need to lose weight, hemp protein is rich in just about every necessary supplement you need. It contains all essential amino acids, antioxidants, the “good” fatty oils, and nutrients like folate, calcium, and iron.

Hemp is also low in carbohydrates if you want to look after your weight.

And are you a vegan? Or allergic to soy? Then our hemp products are perfectly fine for you to take.

Just like with our clothing range, hemp is grown using the most environmentally friendly practices possible.

Is it time for you to increase your protein intake in a healthy and nutritious way? Check out what we have to offer you with our hemp protein.