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Women's Hemp Bamboo Knit Tops

Are you after women’s cotton knitted tops produced using eco-friendly practices, yet at the same time modern and fashionable? Then look no further! We have just what you want right here.

This is because at Braintree we operate on the philosophy that environmentally friendly clothing need not come at the expense of style!

Whether you're after casual wear, clothing to wear at the office or a suitable outfit for a night out at town, we have what you need.

Our women’s knitwear comes in bamboo cotton which is cosy and soft to the touch, and hemp cotton which is built to last you a long time. You can mix and match women’s knitwear with other eco-friendly clothing in our range.

Are there any colours or designs suitable for you in our range of women’s cotton knitted tops? Take a look at our range now and see for yourself!