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  • Beat the Seasonal Wardrobe Wrestle with Versatile Braintree

    July 31, 2014


    Beat the Seasonal Wardrobe Wrestle with Versatile Braintree

    It’s a great feeling when that first whisper of a new season makes itself known. Maybe you notice the leaves beginning to subtly change colour as winter approaches, or perhaps the daylight hours start to lengthen and you realise spring is on its way. Regardless of the time of year, one of the least-fun aspects of seasonal change has to be the time-consuming wardrobe overhaul. That’s when you have the tiresome task of washing and putting away last season’s clothes to make way for the next.And you do it again and again!

    Wonderfully wearable season to season

    But what if it didn’t have to be that way? Well, here at Braintree Clothing, we’re continually delighted to hear from our customers that their seasonal wardrobe wrestle truly has become a thing of the past. And we know that it really comes down to one key factor – the versatility of our beautiful eco clothing range.With clean and stylish lines, plus the unbeatable comfort that comes with organic clothing, it’s a fact that your Braintree Clothing pieces are wearable right across the year.

    The perfect season

    The beautiful fabrics we use in our eco friendly clothingwill keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Our pieces are lightweight, and just perfect for layering.

    Take for example our womens long sleeve tees. Comfortable and light in either bamboo or hemp, these flattering tees are perfect across all seasons. Teamed with your favourite neutral pants and ankle boots, then accessorised with a jewel-coloured wrap, pashmina or scarf from our hemp products collection, the tee will be one of your must-have items for cooler months. And once spring and summer arrive, the lightweight and breathable tee continues to work beautifully. Mix and match with sparkly flats and either a denim skirt, or our beach-ready womens hemp pants, for those perfect warm evenings. With our range of tees coming in a number of colours, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more versatile, hardworking and stylish items for your wardrobe!

    And if you’re looking for some quality bargains, why not take a look over at our current hemp cotton clothing sale and get ready for summer?

    Hers and His

    We also know that men really dislike having to do the major wardrobe shuffle each season too. They want a key range of interchangeable looks to suit their style, and stand up to the weather conditions. Amongst our bamboo and organic hemp clothing offerings, our men’s hemp clothes have continuously proved themselves to be some of our most popular items.

    One of the key looksisa pair of our ever-popular men’s hemp pants, matched with one of our stylish organic men’s tops. The classic choice of colours across the range means that neutrals can be easily highlighted with brighter seasonal hues – and our tops are just perfect for layering when temperatures change. And for fellows looking for even extra value, our hemp cotton clothing sale is sure to tempt.

    Effortlessly versatile

    So whatever the season, and whether you’re on the hunt for either women’s or men’s hemp clothing, we’re just rapt to be able to offer you versatile, trans-seasonal eco clothing that we know you’ll love. We suspect you’ll also love the time and wardrobe space savings that a few key pieces of the Braintree collection can offer!


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  • We are trading in over 50 shops across Australia

    July 25, 2014


    Braintree Clothing: Perfect for All Climates

    When you walk into our flagship store in Manly, Sydney, you’ll have the pleasure of being surrounded by our entire range of stylish and eco-friendly wares. As the sea breezes weave their way up to our retail home on the famous Manly Corso, we just know you’ll have a great time browsing through our gorgeous clothing and accessories. But if you don’t happen to be around the Manly area, did you know that Braintree Clothing can be found across Australia, through dozens of our fabulous stockists?

    From Kempsey to Cairns and Manjimup to Mullumbimby, it’s really not hard to find a stockist of our beautiful Braintree Clothing somewhere in your neck of the woods. There’s more than one reason for this. Firstly, our quality stockists are natural supporters of the ethos behind environmentally friendly clothing. They’ve been drawn to the sustainable nature of what we do, and are excited about making our range locally available to you. Also, they know that the breathable fabrics of the Braintree Clothing range are perfect for all climates and seasons. And finally – as a local business, they know the importance of supplying stylish and high quality pieces to their loyal customers. They just can’t go wrong with the ever-popular comfort and elegance of our range.

    Humidity or chill

    There are over 50 stockists of Braintree Clothing around Australia, and our clothes are a perfect comfort solution in every climate. Hemp and bamboo have an amazing ability to keep you cool in hot climes, and warm in the chilly reaches.

    Some like it hot

    Take the example of those hot, humid days in Far North Queensland. Our friendly Cairns stockists for example– Reef City Menswear and Totem Clothing and Accessories – know a thing or two about beating daytime heat and sultry summer showers. With Braintree Clothing, they’re able to offer their customers cooling hemp T-shirts, light-weight bamboo cotton pants and what we think are the world’s most breathable hemp cotton socks. And that’s just a few examples! Our fabrics draw moisture gently away from the body, and provide the lightness and natural ventilation necessary for comfort, making any humid Cairns day ‘a breeze’.

    When the thermometer drops

    But what about those colder places, where warm fires and hot chocolate are the order of the day? Well our lovely suppliers in Tasmania sure know a thing or two about the freezing winds that can sweep in from Antarctica. Glasser & Parker in Hobart, Mensland in Launceston and Near & Far in Cygnet, all appreciate the naturally warming attributes of hemp and bamboo fibres. They’re able to supply the locals with Braintree Clothing’s cosy items, such as hemp fabric tracksuits, long T’s, bamboo pants, and comfy hemp scarves. These gorgeous pieces not only sit comfortably on the skin, but they also layer beautifully as well. We think there’s nothing like having stylish, natural fibre to beat the chill.

    The comfortable and stylish clothing choice

    It’s not just at the extremes of the Aussie map that Braintree Clothing makes a perfect climate match.

    Our stockists in Western Australia, South Australia and NSW also agree that the natural materials and stylish comfort of our garments make them incredibly popular. At Braintree Clothing, we love the way that all ofour stockists are part of the sustainable fashion story. And we also love that through them we can deliver to you a range of clothing that provides true comfort and style for any climate.

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  • Why Choose Environmentally Friendly Clothing?

    July 19, 2014

    Why Choose Environmentally Friendly Clothing?

    When asking anyone about what they look for in their fashion choices, it’s probably not unusual to hear mention of usefulness. Maybe the item is handy for work (or home or the gym), is a flattering colour, is comfortable, or goes well with just about everything. The fabulous thing is that it is possible to add environmentally friendly to the list, with clothingpieces that do their job in your wardrobe, yet are also kind to the planet.

    Fabulous fabric choice

    At Braintree Clothing, our high quality range offers the best of both worlds – flattering, versatile clothes produced from natural fibres in a sustainable eco-friendly way. Our hemp and bamboo fabrics have a number of advantages. They are beautifully touchable, breathable and comfortable to wear. The talented designers here at Braintree are experts at crafting clothing that is stylish, and very durable. You’ll also love how our clothes are trans-seasonal - our customers express delight in the fact that they effortlessly mix and match our gorgeous pieces across warmer and cooler weather.

    We offer garments you’ll wear again and again, not disposable fashion! In this way, you gain incredible value and we all work towards reducing wastage. Plus, with low-heat/low-phosphate washing appropriate for the Braintree range, it’s easy for you to keep beingenvironmentally friendly long after you have swung your shopping bag home!

    You’re part of a bigger picture

    Among the many advantages of both hemp and bamboo crops is the reduced land space that is required forcultivation compared to other fibre sources. Additionally, when grown in appropriate climates these wonder crops require very little water. In this way, key resources are conserved. We’re sure thatyou’ll love the look and feel of yourstylish pieces, and appreciate the added feel good factor – by choosing responsibly-sourced fabrics, you’ve also chosen to do yourbit to look after the environment.

    Ethical creation

    Sustainability is of course not just about choosing fibre for fabric. At Braintree, we are also committed to people and their communities. Across the manufacturing process for our clothes, we insist upon facilities and processes that exhibit genuine regard and care for workers. We monitor issues such as cleanliness of factories and reasonable working hours. Also, we choose only non-toxic dyes,which are healthier not only for workers but also for you when you wear our clothes.

    Sourcing responsibly

    It’s a fact that there are probably easier and cheaper ways to sourcematerials for clothing. But that’s just not the way we like to go about things. We think you might agree that when it comes to wearing beautiful, breathable and stylish clothes - it just feels better knowing they were created through responsible practices. Take a glance at some of the classic items in our online shop, and you’ll be delighted to see that great fashion and timeless style canwalk hand-in-hand with sustainable creation.

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  • Welcome To Braintree Clothing

    July 10, 2014

    Welcome To Our World of Environmentally Friendly Fashion

    We’re delighted that you’ve found your way to our blog – and it’s great to be able to tell you a little about the Braintree story.What we’re discovering is that it’s such an exciting time to be part of the growing global movement towards sustainable lifestyles. At Braintree we know that the ways in which we design, create and deliver our gorgeous bamboo and hemp clothing and accessories are just as important as the look and feel of the finished garments. Below, we give you an insight into our unique organisation. And we take a look at the exacting and eco-conscious processes involved in bringing our stylish range to life. We love what we do, and are so happy to serve the discerning buyers who take an interest in the beautiful hemp, bamboo and other eco-friendly fashion products available across the Braintree range.With soft and comfortable lounge wear through to classically-styled pieces for day and night, it’s just so easy to be part of the inspiring Braintree story.

    The Braintree Family

    We take great pridein our beloved original store in Manly, Sydney where Braintree Hemp first came to life in Australia c1995. There, we’ve been so lucky to have a cast of fabulous and enthusiastic staff on board who adore our stylish range.And without our highly respected designers and ethically productive manufacturers - we would of course be lost! Another hugely important part of what we do isreaching our discerning customers through ourquality Braintree stockistsaround Australia. These guys all tend to be incredibly thoughtful and ethical retailers, who share with us a love of high-quality, environmental clothing. And of course in this 21st Century world, we get to serve and communicate with our larger Braintree family of customers through our online shop. Through this handy portal our entire range of hemp, bamboo and sustainable clothing is perfectly presented with optional photo views plus handy colour and size options for that individualised choice.

    Our Processes

    It’s pretty heartening - we’ve been able to convert hemp, bamboo and other environmentally friendly fibres into some of the most high-quality and aesthetically appealing clothes on the planet. What a satisfying feeling - to be able to create beautiful fashion pieces for you, whilst helping to keep our earth beautiful too. Our source plants are grown in sustainable environments, and then harvested at between 10-14 weeks of age. A fascinating processing of sun drying and soaking in warm water then ensues across a number of weeks to allow the fibres for our fabrics to be gently freed from the resinous casing. These fibres are expertly twined into strong yarn, later being ecologically dyed and woven into the base fabrics. Our very own dedicated manufacturing facility in China are then presented with our gorgeous designs and from their well-run, industrially fair premises bring to life the diverse Braintree range.

    The Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Clothing

    So why do we go to all this ‘trouble’ to create a sustainable line of clothing you might ask? Well, having read this far you probably have aninkling about our own business-wide passion for environmentally-friendly clothing! But what benefits might it bring to you? For starters, from a purely aesthetic stance the clothes we create from our environmentally-friendly sources are… simply gorgeous! See and feel how the fabric drapes and folds to create classic, flowing lines. Our range of sustainably-sourced colours also works to highlight the soft and touchable nature of our pieces. And we know from years of experience that there is just something special that comes from wearing a beautiful garment that also treads lightly upon our beautiful planet.

    If this is your first visit to the Braintree site you might like to visit our online store to browse through our bamboo and hemp clothing range.

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